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Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Erie Region Newsletter

Winter 2005

Love is a Many-Legged Thing

The human-animal bond is very special and very real. Sociologists and psychologists can document its amazing and undeniable effects while archeologists can trace its considerable roots. Some believe the bond is simply a display of animal instinct and dependence. After all, can your dog really love you?  Medical evidence says: “You bet!”  Dogs have displayed a marked reduction in heart rate when their “loved one” is close by. Similar results occur in owners when interacting with their dogs.

When a dog exhibits trust and respect without fear, the bond is solidified and the benefits are boundless. The owner feels happier and healthier. Studies involving dogs consistently prove their contribution to the well being of people, especially the young, the aged and the sick.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, give your puppy an extra hug. Your puppy is the one totally unselfish friend that you can have in this world.  



Calendar of Events

February - August


       February 1               Remember your Interceptor

       February 7               Class

       March 1                   Remember your Interceptor

       March 7 & 21           Class

       April 1                     Remember your Interceptor

       April 4 & 18              Class

       May 1                      Remember your Interceptor

       May 2 & 16              Class

       June 1                     Remember your Interceptor

       June 6                     Friends and Family Recognition Night at 7PM.  The Public will be invited.

                                                             This event will be a very special evening for all!

       June 20                   Class

       July 1                      Remember your Interceptor

       July 18                    Class – Enter school property via Center Road

       August 1                  Remember your Interceptor

       August 15                Annual Puppy Party at Mary Ellen Pratt’s home from 7-9 PM


Class is held at 5 PM, 6PM & 7PM at the West Seneca East High School, 4760 Seneca St, West Seneca, New York.



2004 Graduates


We would like to congratulate the following puppies from the Erie Region that graduated in the past year. You make

us all proud! Thanks to all in the Region for their contributions.




Ellie Mae









Local Heroes

Comings and Goings of our Puppies


Best Wishes go out to the following dogs and their proud raisers. Congratulations to all for a job well done!

            Yolanda, who was Jim & Nancy Luckman’s third puppy, left amidst many hugs.

Christine Cych said good-bye to her first puppy Gabby.

Katie said good-bye to her raiser Jennifer Wolbert.  Katie was her first puppy. 

Jody & Merlin Kephart said good-bye to Pete, their second puppy. 

Adell Norton and Chris Goebel sent Romeo off with many hugs and kisses. Romeo is Adell’s

fourth puppy and Chris’ second puppy. 

Wilson said good-bye to her raiser Vicki Halstead. Wilson was Vicki’s third puppy. 

Michele Battistoni said good-bye to her first puppy Yogi. 

Ethan said good-bye to his raiser Richard Elliott Jr.  Ethan was his second puppy. 

Nirvana, who was Penny Lanich’s sixth puppy, left amidst many hugs.

Gail Rash said good-bye to her ninth puppy Que. 

We know all these puppies will have excellent futures no matter what career they choose. We hope to see you

all with new puppies soon.


Welcome to the newest members of our region:

             Carole McGowan welcomed her second puppy Mabel into her home.

Kathy & Ron Tremblay are having plenty of fun with their eighth puppy Archie.

Vicki Halstead welcomed her fourth puppy Evan.

O’Neill joined the home of Jody & Merlin Kephart. O’Neill is their third puppy.
Parnell joined Katie Maley as her first puppy.
The Elliott Family welcomed their third puppy Paxton.
Chandler joined Russ & Audrey Thomas as their eleventh puppy.
Laura Marth welcomed her first puppy Gomez into her home.
Julie joined the home of Cathy Wendle as her seventeenth puppy.
Laura Kelly welcomed her second puppy Jack.

            Orleans joined the home of Penny Lanich as her seventh puppy


Happy 1st Birthday


Puppy’s Name                      DOB                                Puppy Raiser


   Que                               10- 6-03                          Gail & Doug Rash

   Bruno                             10-20-03                          Denise Barber

   Kelso                             12- 6 -03                         Donna Gorski

   Quillan                          12-28-03                          Lynn DiPirro

   Quint                              12-28-03                          Susan Giebel

   Shamus                         12-30-03                          Cathy Wendle and Mary Ellen Pratt




When is Class Cancelled?


When West Seneca Central Schools are closed, class will be cancelled even if the weather improves later in the evening.  If weather deteriorates during the day of class, listen for the cancellation of after school activities. Check your E-mails and retrieve your phone messages before leaving for class in case a last minute announcement is made. When in doubt, call Mary Ellen Pratt or any of the Team Members before 3 PM on class day.




Puppy Jeopardy


Want to earn a Bonus Bone?  Below is the answer to the Jeopardy question in the Flea Factoid category. The first class participant to provide the correct question during the next class wrap-up earns a Bonus Bone. Good Luck!


                                       The 4 stages in the life cycle of a flea.