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Summer 2006



Lazy Days of Summer


As we go about enjoying all the fun activities of the summer season, we need to remember our four-legged companions and the effect that sun and heat has on them.  Some puppies will romp and gladly play all day long in the sun and heat but this doesn’t mean that it’s safe for them to do so.  They haven’t read the warning signs of heat stroke.  They rely on us to keep them safe.  So even if it seems that your puppy is perfectly happy running and playing in the heat, he may be headed toward a serious problem if you let him continue. Whatever activity you choose to share with your puppy, remember to bring plenty of fresh water and limit exposure to the sun.  Exercise your puppy in moderation early in the morning or later in the evening when it’s cooler.  Never leave your puppy in a vehicle on a hot day.  Vehicles can reach temperatures of over 120 F in 30 seconds.  Refrain from taking your puppy to fairs, carnivals, dog shows and festivals.  A better alternative is to leave your puppy home in a crate located away from a sunny window and within the vicinity of a fan.  When in doubt about taking your puppy on an outing, contact your Area Coordinator.  The following additional articles on this subject are available on our web site under Paws & Read: Summer Fun in the Sun (Summer 2005) and Summertime Precautions (Summer 2003).   




Dog Senses


A dog’s whiskers, technically called vibrissae, can sense minute changes in airflow.  Dogs can locate the source of a sound in 6/100th of a second by using their swiveling ears that function like radar dishes.  Dogs’ sense of smell is one of the keenest in nature.  Humans can smell a pot of stew cooking on the stove but a dog can distinguish the smells of each individual ingredient from the beef to the potatoes.  Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not color blind.  Their color scheme is not as vivid as ours and can be likened to our vision at twilight.  Cats can see a lot better than dogs.  In fact, dogs first distinguish objects by movement, then brightness and finally by shape.  Also, dogs can sense the vibration of moving objects through their paw pads such as a car or truck long before these objects are within sight.




Local Heroes

Comings & Goings of our Puppies


Best Wishes go out to the following dogs and their proud raisers.  Congratulations for a job well done!

§          Orleans said good-bye to his raisers Penny & Cecilia.  He is Penny’s 7th puppy and Cecelia’s 1st puppy.

§          Felice gave his raisers Cathy & Jim big hugs as he said good-bye.  He is Cathy’s 18th puppy and Jim’s 4th puppy.


Welcome to the newest members of our region:

§         Toffee was welcomed into the home of Cecilia. She is Cecilia’s 2nd puppy.

§         Rufus, Molly & Mary’s 1st puppy, was welcomed with lots of hugs and kisses.

§         Walden has found a happy home with Katie.  He is Katie’s 2nd puppy.





Web Wise


Did you ever wonder where your puppy was born?  What does this puppy hospital look like?  Who cares for mom and these precious fury little bundles?  Answers to these questions and pictures of the facility are available on the Canine Development Center web site at  Click on Our Programs, then Whelping.   






Upcoming Events



Please stop by to lend your support at these events! However, unless you and your puppy

are scheduled to work at an event, please refrain from bringing your puppy with you.


                       August 7                        Annual Summer Puppy Party - Mary Ellen’s residence from 7 PM - 10 PM


                      August 10                          HSBC Administrative Offices in Cheektowaga - Dress Down Day proceeds to benefit our region


                     September 23                        Immanuel Lutheran Church Bazaar in East Aurora from 10 AM - 4 PM


                     October 26                        Clarence United Methodist Church Apple Festival                                    




Happy 1st Birthday


                        Puppy’s Name             DOB          Puppy Raiser

                        Sassy                         May 2         Mary Ellen

                        Linus                          May 15        Sharon & Mike

                        Lila                             May 15        Barbara

                        Milo                            May 18        Pat





Educating the Youth


For the sixth consecutive year, Audrey & Russ visited the Westfield Elementary School on May 19 to offer an educational experience for the third graders. Sue and puppy Able accompanied them.  As an experienced team, they make it a fun event for the children by playing games and encouraging the children to participate in exercises that help them understand what it’s like to be blind and how a guide dog can alter the life of a blind graduate.

In response to their efforts, the children and their parents sponsored a bake good sale with proceeds benefiting our region.  On June 20 Audrey & Russ returned to the school and accepted a check for $666 with much gratitude and a promise to return again next year.  Pictures of this event are on our web site under Special Events - Public Awareness/ Fundraisers.




Puppy Jeopardy


Want to win a Bonus Bone?  Below is the Puppy Jeopardy answer in the Infectious Disease category.  The first class participant to provide the correct question at the next class wrap-up earns a Bonus Bone.  Good Luck!


A highly contagious and potentially deadly disease caused by a virus similar

to the one that causes measles in humans.





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