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Fall 2006



Historic Milestone


2006 marks an important milestone in Guiding Eyes history: 50 years of service to our graduates.  The continued dedication of the staff, volunteers and contributors will ensure many years of future success. 




Tribute to a Dog


The one unselfish friend that you can have in this world,

The one that will never desert you,

The one that never proves ungrateful,

is your dog.

Your dog will stand beside you in prosperity and in poverty,

in sickness and in health.

He will sleep peacefully when near your side.

He will lick the hand that has no food to offer.

He will heal the wounds that come with the roughness of the world.

If riches are lost and your world falls to pieces,

He will remain as consistent as the sun in its journey through the heavens.



Fall Season Reminder


Hunting Season is opening soon, initially with bow and arrow, then shot gun.  The season closes in mid-December.  As a precaution, do not walk in fields, meadows or open pastures with your puppy.  Most hunters are cautious and courteous.  But, some hunters shoot first and ask questions after it’s too late. Most hunters wear bright colors to distinguish them from the game.  So, you can see them but they can’t always see you and your puppy.  When exercising your puppy outside your yard, utilize an empty tennis court, empty parking lot or playground. Keep yourself and your puppy safe.


Local Heroes

Comings & Goings of our Puppies


Best Wishes go out to the following dogs and their proud raisers.  Congratulations for a job well done!

§         Joyce & Dianne gave lots of hugs to their sweet as Honey puppy.  Honey is Joyce’s 22nd puppy and Di’s 3rd puppy.

§         Leonard said farewell to his 3rd puppy KC. 

§         Meadow gave lots of hugs and kisses to Sandi & Julieanne.  She is their 1st puppy.

§         Adell and Mary Ellen & Barry said a heartfelt good-bye to Montana.  He is Adell’s 5th puppy and Mary Ellen and Barry’s 17th puppy.

§         Sam said farewell to Susan.  Sam is her 1st puppy.

§         Able gave his raisers Susan & Dan big hugs before leaving.  He is their 2nd puppy.

§         Julie said good-bye to Emery, her 1st puppy.

§         Lila kissed Barb & Ben’s tears as she said “I’ll be fine”.  Lila is their 1st puppy.

§         Sharon and Mike said good-bye to Linus, their 2nd puppy.

§         Milo yoddled his favorite song to Pat as he kissed her farewell.  He is their 1st puppy.

§          Mary Ellen & Barry kissed Sassy as they said good-bye.  Sassy is their 18th puppy.


Welcome to the newest members of our region:

§         Barkley was welcomed into the home of Susan. He is Sue’s 2nd puppy.

§         Patience, Dianne’s 4th puppy, was welcomed with lots of hugs and kisses.

§         Ripley has found a happy home with Richard.  He is Rich’s 5th puppy.

§         Gail’s 11th puppy Fortune was welcomed with big hugs.

§         Finley found a happy home with Tonya.  He is Tonya’s 2nd puppy.

§         Sarah & Kathy welcomed Goldie into their heart and home.  She is their 1st puppy.

§         Diva was welcomed into the home of Doreen with lots of warm hugs. She is Doreen’s 2nd puppy.

§         Haiku was happy to join Hillary and Susan after her long ride from GEB. She is their 1st puppy.

§         Yardley joined Barb a few days before Lila said goodbye. She is their 2nd puppy.


Web Wise


The Health Care section on the CDC Web Site is now available.  This new section features information on feeding, exercising, grooming, common illnesses, flea/tick control, vaccines and much more.  Check it out at cdc.guidingeyes.org.  You must log in as a puppy raiser to have access to this new feature.      



A Heartfelt Thanks


The following letter was written by blind graduate Lynnette whose guide dog Quincy was raised in our region.  This guide dog team visits the Buffalo area in October before participating in the annual Walkathon.   


“It warms my heart to know how loved Quincy is in your community.  So I just want you to know that he is doing great! I’ve recently made two major changes in my life. I was out of work for almost three years, but now with my boy at my side, I went back into the workforce.  My second piece of news is that we bought our first home. Before we lived in a townhouse with a very small courtyard, which wasn’t sufficient for Quincy. When we wanted to play, we had to go to a park.  Now we have a big beautiful back yard for him so he can run and play ball.

 I am writing this letter to thank you for loving my boy so much.  He has changed my life.  I was diagnosed with retinal pigmentosis when I was 26. As my sight deteriorated, my life began to fall apart. I could no longer work as a model and clothes designer.  All the simple freedoms I once enjoyed such as taking a walk, shopping and driving a car were gone.  When Quincy arrived, the light and hope came back.  We have been a team now for almost 2 years. I don’t know where or what I would be without him. He gave me the confidence and courage to go back out into the world again. My family and friends cannot believe what he does for me each day and the amount of love he has in his heart for everyone. He is my eyes and my best friend. You all had a big part in raising him to be the wonderful boy he is today. For that I can never thank you enough.” 



Upcoming Events


Please stop by to lend your support at these events! However, unless you and your puppy

are scheduled to work at an event, please refrain from bringing your puppy with you.



                     September 23                        Immanuel Lutheran Church Bazaar in East Aurora from 10 AM - 4 PM


                     September 29                        HSBC Corporate Presentation - $1,300 donation from August Dress Down Day


                      October 21                        Clarence United Methodist Church Apple Festival


                      October 29                        Westinghouse Retired Employees Banquet                                   




Happy 1st Birthday


                                         Puppy’s Name             DOB         

                                               Hansel                        July 2               

                                               Zed                             July 23                




Puppy Jeopardy


Want to win a Bonus Bone?  Below is the Puppy Jeopardy answer in the Health Care category.  The first class participant to provide the correct question at the next class wrap-up earns a Bonus Bone.  Good Luck!


The disease represented by the “L” in the DHLPP vaccine. 

It is caused by a type of bacteria called spirochetes.




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